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Chef Package – NZ PR

Have you always dreamed of building a new life for you and your family in New Zealand?
If you're working as a chef we can help you make that dream come true!

We can help you pave your path to Residency in NZ

How it works

  • we'll help you achieve your NZQA approved Level 4 qualification in Cookery 
  • we'll apply for your Work Visa from the Work to Residency Category for you and your family
  • we'll guide you through the entire process until you and your family obtain the Residency visa and become NZ Permanent Residents

Do I qualify?

  • If you have at least 5 years of experience as a Chef in your lifetime


  • have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a Senior Chef (CDP, Sous Chef, Head Chef or Executive Chef)

We can make the magic happen!

What if I don't?

Do not despair! Even if you don't have enough experience as a chef, depending on your situation, we might be able to help through the Skilled Migrant Category

So what's next?

Send your CV to visaapply@kentonchambers.co.nz and we'll be in touch for a free initial consultation

Too good to be true?

Check out our Google Reviews, they speak for themselves!