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News and policy updates

- October 2020 -

Relationship-based visas for partners and dependent children of New Zealand residents and citizens

From early October, partnership based visa applications from overseas will resume.

In other words, if you are in a genuine and stable relationship with a New Zealand resident or citizen and stuck overseas, you can now apply for a partnership visa once again.

Moreover, if you are an Australian citizen or citizen of a visa waiver country, and in a partnership with a New Zealand resident or citizen, you may now be granted an exception to travel to New Zealand on a Critical Purpose Visitor visa.

If you belong to the category above and have previously submitted a relation ship based visa, you'll be glad to hear that INZ is now resuming the relationship-based applications.

If you are stuck overseas and want to be reunited to your New Zealand resident/citizen partner, get in contact with us today!

Life is too short to be far from your loved ones!