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  • "I think Kenton Chambers Lawyers is one of the best Lawyers in NZ. They are professional, affordable, reliable and most importantly, they keep you up to date with your application progress"
    "I have been living in new Zealand for almost 9 years, have applied student visa, open work visa, work-employer assisted visa, Transfer work visa, partnership visa, partnership supported, re-new work visa etc.. I have talked and/or used most services of Auckland's famous lawyers, consultant services, advisory etc... Kenton Chambers Service is best of the best, during all of the covid situation, my work visa, partner visa, transfer visa, all of these got approved within 2 months. Fees are really reasonable, communications and means of contacts are super convenient, even out side of office hours they sill sometimes contact you or receive our calls. They are straight-up honest, if they cant do, they would tell you straight away. they give first hour free consultation, so check them out"
    "2020 and 2021 had been rough on me. I have engaged their services 3 times now and they definitely don't disappoint. Definitely recommend Stella Jo as she's meticulous, gets things done quickly, and frequently keeps you updated. Thanks for all your help!"

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