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Chef Package – NZ PR

Have you always dreamed of building a new life for you and your family in New Zealand?

If you’re working as a chef we can help you make that dream come true!

Do I qualify?

  • If you have at least 5 years of experience as a Chef in your lifetime including some experience as a Senior Chef


  • You have worked in hotels, resorts or high-end restaurants internationally

We can make the magic happen!

Interested in Working in NZ

  • We will help you apply for your work visa

  • We will facilitate your settlement in New Zealand so you can start working as soon as possible

Interested in NZ Residence

And why not, New Zealand is a pretty sweet place to live in!

In this case:

  • We will also help you achieve your Level 4 NZQA approved qualification in Cookery

  • Once you qualify for PR SMC we will help you apply for Residence

  • We will guide you throughout the entire process until you and your family obtain the Residence visa and become NZ Permanent Residents




Sign me up!

If you believe you qualify, send us your CV and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to offer you a free of charge consultation 

Too good to be true?


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