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Residence Visa Category

  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Green List Tier 1 (Straight to Residence Visa)
  • Healthcare Worker Residence Visa Category
  • Transport Worker Residence Visa Category
  • Investor Category
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa Category
  • Entrepreneur Resident Visa Category
  • Partnership (Marriage, De factor relationship, Civil Union)
  • Children (minor child and adult child)
  • Parent Category
  • Parent Retirement Residence Visa Category
  • Religious Workers Resident Visa


Principal applicant and any family members included in the application must meet the following standards:

  • Health: You must be in good health. If your Expression of Interest is accepted and you are invited to apply for residence, you will have to be assessed by an approved doctor. Your application must be accompanied by medical and chest X-ray certificates for each person;
  • Character: You must be of good character. You will have to provide a police certificate and evidence for all applicants over 17 years. Some people who have committed serious crimes will not be allowed into New Zealand at all. Sections 15 and 16 of the Immigration Act 2009 outline what disqualifies an applicant in these terms;
  • English language ability: You must speak sufficient English. Whether you are the principal or non-principal applicant, you will need to meet a certain level of ability in spoken and written English;
  • Occupational registration: In certain fields of work, you will need to ensure you have occupational registration if you want to work in New Zealand. If you require registration and do not have it, you will be unable to work in your chosen occupation under the Skilled Migrant Category.

Skills wanted:

  • The Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) identifies the jobs and skills needed in New Zealand, by region;
  • The Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSS) shows the areas where we have a sustained and ongoing shortage of skilled people throughout the whole of New Zealand.


  • Lodgment of the “Expression of Interest” (EOI) to the Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

EOI criteria:

Skilled employment

  • An offer of employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand that requires specialist, technical, or management expertise;
  • Expertise may have been gained either through a relevant recognised qualification, relevant work experience, or a combination of both a relevant recognised qualification and relevant work experience;

Work experience

  • You can get points for at least two years’ previous experience in the same field for which you have skilled employment;
  • You will get more points for four, six, eight, or ten or more years’ experience;

Recognised qualification

  • Trade certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and post-graduate qualifications;


  • Must be 55 years or younger to apply;

Close family

  • Have close family in New Zealand who has residence or citizenship.

Applicants with over 160 points include points for a skilled job or job offer, are selected. EOI selection is every fortnight. Once selected from the pool, an “Invitation to Apply” (ITA) for residence will be sent to the applicant.

If you’re already in New Zealand on an Entrepreneur Work Visa or another visa that allows self-employment, and you want to live in New Zealand on a permanent basis. If you’re granted this visa, you’ll be able to continue operating your business in New Zealand and stay here indefinitely.


  • You must have been self-employed for at least 6 months.
  • If you’re applying after less than 2 years of being self-employed, you’ll need to have invested capital of at least NZ $500,000 and have created 3 new jobs in New Zealand.

If you’re an experienced business person and you want to work in your own business in New Zealand. If you’re granted this visa, you can buy or set up a business in New Zealand, which you can do either without living here permanently or as a first step towards New Zealand residence.


  • You must make a capital investment of at least NZ$100,000. If your business is in the science or ICT sectors, or shows a high level of innovation or export potential, we may be able to waive this requirement.
  • You must score at least 120 points on our Entrepreneur Work Visa points scale.
  • You must provide a business plan for the business you intend to buy or set up in New Zealand.

Investor Category 1 ( Investor Plus )


  • Investment Capital – Investment of NZ$10 Million or more for 3 years in NZ
  • Business Experience – None
  • English Language – None
  • Age – None
  • Settlement Funds – None

Investor Category 2


  • Investment Capital – Minimum investment of NZ$1.5 million for 4 years
  • Business Experience – Minimum experience of 3 years
  • English Language – IELTS 4
  • Age – up to 65 years old
  • Settlement Funds – NZ$ 1 million
  • Partnership (Marriage, De factor relationship, Civil Union)
  • Children
  • Parent (tier 1 and 2)
  • Parent Investment Visa
  • Religious Workers Resident Visa

Temporary Visa Category

  • Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)
  • Employer Accreditation
  • Job Check

  • Post Study Work Visa – Open
  • Partnership Work Visa and/or Visitor Visa (Marriage, De Facto Relationship, Civil Union)
  • Religious Worker Work Visa
  • Specific Purpose Work Visa

  • Student Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Retirement Visitor Visa

Essential Skills Work Category


  1. Job offer must be included in the ANZSCO list of occupations as to:
    • skill level (ranging from skill level one for the highest skilled positions, to skill level five for the lowest skilled);
    • tasks and duties normally undertaken in an occupation; and
    • The level of the qualification and/or amount of work experience required to work in an occupation.
  2. Genuine attempt/s to recruit New Zealanders (‘labour market test’)
  3. Health and Character
  4. Recognised qualifications and/or relevant work experience

Duration of Essential Skills work visa:

  1. Essential Skills work visas will usually be issued with a maximum duration of three years where an applicant’s job offer is for an occupation classified as an ANZSCO Skill Level 1, 2 or 3  However, there is a special instruction allowing a visa of up to five years if:
    • our New Zealand job offer is for a position which is classified as skill level one on the ANZSCO
    • our base salary is at least $55,000
  2. You may only obtain a five year visa once.  If you wish to continue working, and still meet the requirements of Essential Skills work category, you may apply as normal for a visa with a three year maximum duration.  Visas for successful applicants whose application is based on an employment offer for an occupation classified as ANZSCO Skill Level 4 or 5 will be granted for a maximum duration of one year

If you want to join your partner in New Zealand and work, you may be eligible for a work visa under the Family Stream.


  • Health and Character
  • Evidence that you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship at the time the application is made.
  • Your partner must:
    • be eligible to support you
    • meet the character requirement for partners supporting partnership-based temporary entry applications’
    • intend to be in New Zealand for the period you apply for in your application

A student Visa allows you to study for a set time at a specified institution as full-time student. However, INZ may allow you to study part time on a student visa if you are:

  • Coming to New Zealand to study for at least three years and the course requires you to gain practical work experience as part of your study
  • Coming to New Zealand to study for a maximum of nine months, your course meets New Zealand’s foreign student policy requirements, you can show us that you have paid the course fees, and you meet our visitor requirements.
  • In the final semester of a course of study in New Zealand, resulting in a New Zealand qualification that would qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category.
  • Moreover, you can work part time while studying full-time under below circumstances:
  • To meet course requirements for practical work experience, or
  • during the Christmas and New Year holiday period if you are in a full-time course of study lasting 12 months or longer, and/or
  • for up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year if you are in full-time study:
    • at a private training establishment or tertiary institution and taking at least two academic years to complete, or
    • culminating in a New Zealand qualification that would qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category, or
    • at a secondary school full year course of study in years 12 or 13, provided you have written permission from your school and written consent from your parent, or
    • in a full-time study course lasting at least six months, at a private training establishment or tertiary institution. Your immigration officer has to be satisfied that the main purpose of your course is to develop English language skills and you have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall band score of 5.0 or above (General or Academic Module), or
    • at a tertiary level of at least one academic year duration as part of an approved tertiary student exchange scheme.

Exchange students

If you have been offered a place in an approved exchange scheme you may apply for a student visa for the duration of your exchange, provided you meet our health and character requirements and are a genuine exchange participant.

School-aged children

School-age visitor visa holders can attend a primary, intermediate, or secondary school for a single period of study of up to three months per calendar year provided the study finishes within the calendar year. School-age visitor visa holders are not permitted to study in term one of a school year if they undertook a single period of study in term four of the previous year while on a visitor visa.

If you are planning to attend for more than two weeks or are paying fees, you must attend a school that is a signatory to the Ministry of Education’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

This category applies to students who are studying in New Zealand and intend to stay and work in NZ after completion of their studies. All applicants need to meet NZ’s health and character requirements. The other requirements that need to be met depend on whether or not there is a job offer.

If you are a student or trainee who needs work experience to complete or further your study or training, you can apply for a Work Visa under this classification provided you meet the following requirements:

  • Health and character requirements
  • Evidence of support of your educational institution
  • Evidence of an offer of work from a New Zealand education institution or employer

The Silver Fern Job Search visa allows young skilled people to enter New Zealand for nine months to search for skilled employment. There is a limit of 300 places per year. The quota opens at 10:00am on 27 April.


  • you must be outside of New Zealand
  • be aged between 20 and 35
  • meet all of the qualifications requirements,
  • English language requirements, and
  • have enough funds to support yourself during your stay.

The application process and payment will be online. Applicants will have to provide evidence they meet the requirements to an Immigration New Zealand branch for assessment and verification.

Holders of Silver Fern Job Search visas who successfully find skilled employment in New Zealand may apply for a Silver Fern Practical Experience visa. This will allow them to work in that employment for up to two years.


  • must hold a Silver Fern Job Search visa,
  • have an offer of skilled employment that meets our requirements, and
  • hold occupational registration if it is required for the job.
  • There is no annual limit to the number of people who can apply for the Silver Fern Practical Experience visa.

Under this classification, you may be granted a Work Visa if you are coming to New Zealand for a specific purpose or event for which your skills, attributes or expertise will benefit New Zealand and you are one of these specific enumerations:

  • Senior or specialist businessperson
  • A sports referee with a written invitation or schedule of events invited to referee sports events in New Zealand.
  • Judge of a show, display or exhibition, with a written invitation or schedule of events, invited to judge shows, displays, or exhibitions.
  • Dance or music examiner of a recognised international teaching institution with a written invitation or offer of employment to conduct examinations in New Zealand.
  • A pastor or lay missionary with a written guarantee of accommodation, maintenance and repatriation from a sponsoring body in New Zealand.
  • An installer or servicer of specialised equipment or machinery who can show that installing or servicing the equipment is a condition of purchase.
  • An entertainer, performing artist, film or video crew or support personnel.
  • A business investor whose residence application has been approved in principle and who is coming to New Zealand to investigate investment opportunities.
  • A chief executive or senior staff member of a multinational company for which similar applications have been approved.
  • A sports player, a referee or professional coach with a written offer of employment from a New Zealand sports club.
  • A Philippine nurse seeking entry to obtain New Zealand occupational registration with a written offer of employment from a District Health Board and proof you have been accepted for the Nursing Council’s Competence Assessment Programme.
  • In addition, you need to comply with these requirements:
  • A proof that you need a work visa for the length of time requested
  • A job offer, invitation or schedule of events that describe your intended employment in New Zealand
  • A proof that you have the qualifications or experience relevant to the position or event
  • A proof that you are able to meet your living costs
  • That you intend to leave New Zealand when your employment is completed.

Visits to NZ are limited to a maximum stay on a Visitor Visa of nine (9) months in any 18-month period. Visitors must show that they are bona fide visitors who are coming to NZ for a valid purpose such as family/friends, social and religious visits; holidaying; sightseeing; amateur sport; business consultation or medical treatment. Visitors must also meet the following requirements:

  • A passport which must be valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave NZ
  • Actual travel tickets (confirmed or open-dated) out of NZ to a country which you have the right to enter;
  • Proof that you have plans and means to leave within the period of your visa
  • Proof that you have enough money to support yourself during the duration of your stay (NZ$1000 per person per month, or NZ$400 per person per month if accommodation has already been paid for)
  • An acceptable sponsor who will pay for your accommodation and maintenance.

 General Requirements:

  1. Lodging an application for temporary entry;
  2. Bona fide applicant;
  3. Health and character; and
  4. Evidence to show that:
  • applicant is suitably qualified by training and experience to do the job being offered;
  • meets any of the necessary New Zealand registration requirements, if applicable; or
  • have an offer of employment in an occupation that requires registration and evidence from the New Zealand Medical or Dental Council that they are eligible for full or provisional registration subject only to attending a personal interview with a Council representative within one month of their arrival in New Zealand.

Under this scheme citizens from Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Chile, Uruguay, Korea, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia, Malta, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Brazil, China, Czech, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Polland, Peru, Slovenia, Spain and Thailand may travel to NZ and undertake employment during their stay.

  • Post Study Work Visa – Open (Job Search Visa)
  • Post Study Work Visa – Employer Assisted (Practical Work Experience Visa)
  • Partnership Work Visa (Marriage, De factor relationship, Civil Union)
  • Religious Workers Work Visa
  • Regiment Visa category

Work to Residence Visa Category

  • Talent Visa (Arts, Sports etc)
  • Green Lists Tier 2 

Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) Work Visa

The Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work Visa is a work to residence visa that allows you to attract and support people from overseas who have exceptional talent in a field of art, culture or sport.

The New Zealand organisation of national repute supporting the candidate’s application doesn’t have to be the same organisation:

  • that’s employing them
  • or person who’s sponsoring them.

A representative of the New Zealand organisation of national repute that’s supporting your candidate’s application, must complete section B of the ‘Talent Sponsorship Form’ as evidence of their support.

Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) Resident Visa

This visa is for holders of Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) Work Visas who have been actively involved in New Zealand in their declared field of exceptional talent for more than 2 years. If you are still prominent in that field and your continue

d presence will enhance New Zealand’s accomplishments, you may be eligible for this resident visa.


  • To apply for this visa, you must hold a Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) Work Visa and have been actively involved in your declared field of talent for 2 years.
  • You must still be prominent in your declared field of talent and be able to enhance the quality of New Zealand’s accomplishments in that field.
  • You must have an acceptable sponsor and support from a New Zealand organisation of national repute  in your declared field of talent.

The Long Term Skill Shortage List is a list of occupations in New Zealand recognised as having an identified and absolute (sustained and ongoing) shortage of skilled workers.

Occupations listed on the New Zealand Long Term Skill Shortage List (formerly called the POL) are considered to be in shortage on all regions of the New Zealand Immediate Skill Shortage List (formerly called the OSL).

The following professional groups are outlined in the LTSSL:

  • Professionals;
  • Health Groups;
  • Trades;
  • Information Technology (IT);
  • Creative;
  • Electronics; and
  • Services and Sales

Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Policy

The Long Term Skills Shortage List Work Policy allows New Zealand employers to offer skilled overseas workers employment if their profession is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL).

This policy provides for a temporary multiple-entry 30 months Work Visa/Permit which has the potential to lead to permanent residence as part of the New Zealand Work to Residence category.

To be eligible under this policy you must:

  • Be under 53 years of age;
  • Have an offer of employment in New Zealand in an occupation that is included on the LTSSL that meets the specifications for that occupation, including:
    • For employment in New Zealand;
    • For a period of at least 24 months;
    • For full-time employment (amounts to at least 30 hours per week);
    • Current at the time the NZIS assesses your application and at the time of issue of the visa/permit;
    • Genuine;
    • Accompanied by evidence of full or provisional registration, or eligibility for such registration, if full or provisional registration is required by law to take up the offer; and
    • Compliant with all relevant employment law in force in New Zealand.
  • Be suitably qualified by training and/or experience to undertake your offer of employment as well as meeting any specific requirements set out in the LTSSL; and
  • Have met or are able to meet any of the necessary New Zealand registration requirements if these are required to take up the offer.

A permanent Resident Visa for New Zealand can be applied for under the Long Term Skills Shortage List Residence Policy after 24 months in New Zealand, providing you are able to meet all of the permanent residence requirements and are under 55 at the time of application.

To be approved for residence under this policy you must:

  • Have held a Work Visa/Permit granted under the Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Policy for at least 24 months;
  • During the currency of that visa/permit, have been employed in New Zealand in an occupation included on the Long Term Skill Shortage List for a period of at least 24 months;
  • Currently have employment (see below) with a minimum base salary of NZ$45,000 that is in either:
    • The occupation for which you were granted a work visa/permit under the Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Policy; OR
    • An occupation which is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List at the time your application for residence is made; AND
  • Be aged 55 years or younger;
  • Hold full or provisional registration, if full or provisional registration is required to practice in that occupation in New Zealand; and
  • Be healthy and of good character.

Your employment must be:

  • Full time (on average, at least 30 hours per week);
  • Ongoing (permanent or indefinite, or for a stated term of at least 12 months with an option of further terms);
  • Genuine; AND
  • Compliant with relevant employment law in force in New Zealand. This includes having a written employment agreement specifying the necessary terms and conditions, and meeting holiday, special leave and occupational health and safety requirements.

Permanent residence in New Zealand will only be granted if you satisfy all the requirements of the Long Term Skill Shortage List Residence Policy, and you are considered by New Zealand Immigration to be a bona fide visa holder.

Other Visa Categories:

  • Overstay (s61)
  • Reconsideration, Review or Complaint
  • Appeal to Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT)
  • Appeal to Immigration Minister
  • Refugee
  • NZQA Assessment
  • Internship Programs
  • Job Search / Replacement Programs