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Our team has extensive expertise on a full range of legal services. We aim to provide pragmatic advice, utilising our legal skills to meet the objectives of our clients. We take a plain English approach to providing legal advice to ensure our clients’ expectations are met.

Litigation – Contract / Civil / Disputes

Kenton Chambers Lawyers litigation team is experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration, negotiation and mediation, providing clients with cost-effective and timely dispute resolution advice and representation. We have made representations in the High Court, Employment Court, District Court, Family Court and various Tribunals for various cases.


Kenton Chambers Lawyers also deals with employment cases. Our professional staffs aim to achieve pragmatic solutions to employment law issues. We are able to provide constructive advice on a wide range of employment-related matters.

Commercial Property

Kenton Chambers Lawyers has extensive experience in all areas of property transactions and conveyancing, including residential and commercial property, business transactions, commercial lease and finance.

Insolvency - Debt Recovery

There can be private disagreements over money or property and often it requires legal proceedings to recover what belongs to you. Kenton Chambers Lawyers can assist the creditors in the court proceedings to help them collect the debt if the debtor does not pay.

When the court makes a decision about a private disagreement over money or property, it becomes a civil debt. The court decision is known as an order or judgment and tells one party (the debtor) that they must pay the other (the creditor).
This is called civil enforcement. The creditor may have to pay fees; usually the fees can be added to the debt.

Family Law

Estate Planning, Trusts and Wills

Kenton Chambers Lawyers is prepared to assist you in every aspect of your estate planning – how to plan, manage and protect your assets during your lifetime and death.

Family and Relationship Law

During or upon the end of a relationship, Kenton Chambers Lawyers can help you find practical solutions to the most difficult situation with all the family law requirements.

Legal Services We Provide:


  • Commercial, Contract, insolvency, Debt Collection, Bankruptcy, etc

Property Law

  • Buy and Sell for house, section, etc
  • Buy and Sell for commercial building, farm, forests, etc
  • Due Diligence for property

Commercial Law

  • Buy and Sell for business
  • Lease
  • Due Diligence


  • Prepare for employment contract
  • Unjustified Dismiss, misconduct, redundancy, etc
  • Holiday payments, sick leave, etc


Company Law

  • Company Establishment
  • Director changes
  • Shareholder changes etc
  • Restructure
  • Company assets acquire and disposal
  • Company loan arrangements (insolvency test etc)

Family Law

  • Adoption, Marriage


  • Project Finance
  • Loan arrangement
  • Due diligence for Finance
  • Advice for Commercial loan
  • International Finance

Tax Law

  • Income Tax
  • GST
  • Cross Border Tax advice

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

  • Domestic
  • Cross Border (international)

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